An environmentalist sees an environmental problem and says, “Let’s regulate it!” An entrepreneur sees an environmental problem and says, “How can I make money by solving it?” Clearly, there's a world of difference in these two approaches as Kimberly Keilbach makes eminently clear in her useful and timely new book, Global Warming is Good for Business. All those seeking politically palatable strategies for saving the planet should read this book.

-- Byron Kennard, Executive Director, The Center for Small Business and the Environment

Some leading companies are beginning to grasp the true meaning of the title of Kimberly Keilbach's shrewd and insightful new book and are seizing the many business opportunities offered by a carbon-constrained future. These will be the truly successful companies of the 21st Century.
-- Lloyd Timberlake, Director, North American Office, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Global Warming IS Good for business! How Savvy Entrepreneurs, Large Corporations,
and Others Are Making Money While Saving The Planet by K. B. Keilbach